A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms PDF Download

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms PDF Download

By: George R.R. Martin & Gary Gianni
Genre: Epic, Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Relase Date: 2015-10-06


Generally a good read with strong characters and plots, as you would expect. But there’s mind-numbing repetition of some key phrases (eg, Dunk the lunk, over and over). And it’s astonishingly short—feels like a cheat, honestly.


if you like the game of Thrones books it’s great


This is one of GRRM’s best works. Unlike the other I’ve read, this one is completely interesting. However, the story seems to change at points and can be very confusing, especially toward the end.

Yo ma yo ma

Not worth it, very short for the price

Lots of slots

The story is a good one but not terribly compelling or a real page turner. That being said, the writing is just short of poetic. The pictures George RR Martin paints are so clear you can almost smell the sweat and dung. And it is delightful to have so many wonderful graphics to illustrate what the author sees. I do recommend it especially for fans.


This was a great book. Would like to read more about Duncan and Egg and their travels through Westeros.


If you're reading this you've obviously read GOT. I gave it 4/5 because of GRRM, he's a fantastic author who makes it hard to put anything he writes down, but this didn't have the unpredictability of GOT. All together, good book, nice that it falls in GOT realm.. just kinda lacks the GOT part


Great read and well written makes me wish I'd been born to be a knight!


Such a cool book and they way it's written, hard to describe but it is a wonderful read.


4.5 stars I'm a fan of Game of Thrones, but I haven't read any of A Song of Ice and Fire. I thought I would check out this prequel before diving into the main books. I really liked it, way more than I was expecting, especially the further I got. All the main family names that everyone is familiar with are there, but the characters are new. I love Dunk and Egg. I recommend this book to fans of historical reads with knights, battles, sword fights and such. And the friendship between Dunk and Egg is great, venturing on bromance. I'll definitely be reading more from this universe.

Levi E

I enjoyed the read to the extent that I was disappointed it ended so quickly. Felt the price too high for the length. A fun read though for GOT fans.


Great story that I couldn't put down.