Seaside Sunsets PDF Download

Seaside Sunsets PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2014-08-16


So normally I avoid books that even hint at a billionaire hero. They're too white-knight and damsel-in-distress, too obviously made-up youngest jerk of a rich guy ever, too look-at-all-his-fancy-toys-and-displays-of-power. But all that's pretty much out the window when it's written by Melissa Foster. Jessica's led a really sheltered life, with her spare time and career both centered around playing the cello. She's successful, certainly, but she thinks there may be more to life than playing with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and she heads off to our favorite seaside community for a bit of a vacation and self-reflection. Jamie may be an incredibly rich man, thanks to his development of the world's second largest search engine, but he's a far cry from the up-tight, pretentious, corporate mogul you'd expect. Taking some time for himself, he decides to spend the summer with his grandmother, working remotely and relaxing a bit with the awesome Seaside crowd. And in walks Jessica… Jamie's very much involved in his work — how else does a guy amass a fortune like that? But he's also down-to-earth and committed to family and friends, and for all his techie geekery, he can't help but be intrigued by the sweet and beautiful Jessica. She's just as dedicated to her music as Jamie is to his company, but they both seem to be missing something from their lives. The chemistry between these two is incredible from the very first second they meet, and while they both have pretty full lives by most people's standards, they find in each other that little extra something that's been lacking. Their attraction seems to be on the fast-track to something much more substantial, and they're just about there when a ill-timed work crisis and an interfering friend turns everything upside down — and that's where the story really stands out. There's good intentions and painful consequences and poor decisions and a heap of almost over, but Jessica bucks the normal romance story trend and refuses to let them just fall apart. For all her propriety and sheltered existence, she's no shrinking violet who lets what she wants get away when she knows what's in her heart and what should be in her future. The result is an ideally romantic but utterly believable love story, complete with the kind of happily ever after that makes this series shine, and once again I have a new favorite in the series.

Helene Taibleson

Melissa Foster continues her Seaside series. We continue to become acquainted with the members of the Seaside community like we lived there and we're making new friends.