Crashing into Love PDF Download

Crashing into Love PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2015-03-17


As always BJ Harrison is amazing at the narration of this wonderful story about love, forgiveness and second chances. Jake and Fiona were last together as teens and they had so much in common. But now they are living such very different lifestyles. I loved how the reemergence of Fiona into Jake’s life made him see how shallow his life has become with the acceptance of his relation with his family. I love how she squelched her fear and took a chance that maybe just maybe he still lives her despite the way she left him years earlier. Jake is sweet, charming and sexy but most of all he is forgiving and loves Fiona enough to try again. Amazing read/listen that left me smiling!


This is a second chance at love romance. Jake ended up heart broken after high school has never gotten over the one who got away. Years later they meet up again, he has to decide if it is worth the chance at ending up broken again or having what the rest of his siblings have and finding true love. BJ Harrison does an great job narrating this book!


So far, this is my favorite audio book so far. I enjoyed it from start to finish and would recommend this to others Jake and Fiona worked through their past to find their future together Realizing through that journey that they had changed from the people they were when they were teenagers. I like the narration by Mr Harrison more and more with each book.


Crashing Into Love: Jake Braden by Melissa Foster I received an audio ARC in exchange for an honest review. Jake Braden and Fiona Steele were HS sweethearts who planned a future together right up until a few weeks before leaving for college when Fiona broke up with Jake, breaking him in the process. A decade later, Jake went on to become a successful stuntman and Fiona a recognized geologist. While both are successful in their careers neither has found true love. Jake refuses to risk his heart ever again or face his emotions and is a player through and through partaking of the actresses and models who come with his lifestyle. Fiona has never been able to forget Jake and no man will ever measure up. She has the opportunity to work as her best friend's assistant on the movie that Jake is stunting for. She takes a leave of absence from her job for one month to try and see if there's a second chance for her and Jake. This book was full of angst that made your heart ache for both characters. You come to understand Jakes anger, pain and fear. Fiona had a lot to accept when she stepped into Jake's world and there were times I put myself in her place and thought she's a stronger woman than I am. Jake opens up again and is a true romantic and completely lovable hero. Plenty of heat, believable drama and real love. B.J. Harrison is a perfect narrator and one of the very few who is believable for all characters. Beautifully written and expertly narrated.


Once upon a time, Jake and Fiona were the perfect high school couple ready to take on college life together. But that all came to an unexpected and heartbreaking end when Fiona took the advice of her recently jilted mother and decided to leave Jake behind and see what else the world had to offer. It's a decision she's regretted ever since, made even worse by Jake's careful avoidance of her in all the years that have passed. So when she gets the chance to work on the same movie set that's making use of Jake as a stuntman, she sets out to right her worst wrong and convince the one that got away that they were always meant to be. The Verdict: I wasn't too thrilled with Jake when we met him in the previous book, but I should have known Melissa Foster would give this once inconsiderate, womanizing man a heart no woman could resist. Fiona wasn't necessarily acting entirely selfishly when she bailed on Jake so many years ago. Turns out she was following the not-so-sage advice of her mother, a woman who at the time had little faith in men and didn't want to see her daughter blindly build a life around juvenile love. But time didn't give Fiona a new perspective or lead her to a happily ever after with anyone else — not even close. And despite growing up in and often returning to the same small town, Jake was careful not to cross path's with Fiona ever since. Life in L.A. gave him plenty of empty hook-ups, but it never quite eased the pain of losing his first love. Normally I'd find it a little silly for a guy to turn his back on love simply because a woman once left him. But in Crashing into Love, it's clear that Jake's world was upended when Fiona left him, and given his age and subsequent professional success, it's no wonder that he decided to keep things entirely casual and random from then on out. Fiona, though, realized what she really knew all along — that there would never be room in her heart for anyone but Jake. However, where your typical romance novel would probably have had her being all self-deprecating but unable to stay away from Jake, this one stands out in the way that Fiona simply put her heart on the line and went after what she wanted. There was, of course, some resistance from Jake, not to mention his playboy reputation and carefree L.A. lifestyle to contend with, but Jake began to man up quickly rather than completely hide behind the pain of their shared past, and while it took him a while to completely give in, the strong chemistry and little concessions they began to make to their feelings made for one hell of a story leading up to the happily ever after. Because theirs is the story of a movie stuntman and a successful geologist finding their way back to each other, there are a handful of what many would classify as cliches, such as the ready and willing women pretty much throwing themselves at Jake. However, rather than being your usual contrived drama, they and other details, like the paparazzi and shallow friends, were smartly used to illustrate Jake's successful career and avoidance of relationships, and it added some authenticity to the obstacles these former high school sweethearts faced in rekindling their romance. As I've come to expect from Melissa Foster, Crashing into Love is another hot, sweet, entertaining romance that embraces the kind of story-lines we romance addicts love, while adding new twists to keep things interesting and different. ***FicCentral received this book from Tasty Book Tours for free in exchange for an honest review.

Allyson Schapira

I'm running out of adjectives to describe Melissa Foster's amazing stories. The characters, Jake Braden and Fiona Steele are hot, loving and a perfect match. You will LOVE their story - their history and current lives that collide into an amazing ride in more ways than one !!!


Once again, Melissa Foster has tapped into my heart! This book is amazingly touching (as are all her books…this series IS amazing!) and I couldn’t put it down. With each of her books I can never put them down and this was no exception! Jake and Fiona will frustrate you a bit but their passion and love make you cheer for the ending! Anyone that has had a broken heart will definitely understand where Jake is and it makes you long for him to open himself up. I just cried for him through half the book, I LOVE JAKE! What’s more is, I LOVE Melissa Foster, she always delivers a great read! Read this, read the others (if you haven’t already) and wait with bated breath, as all her fans do, for the next enjoyable read!