Fated for Love PDF Download

Fated for Love PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Genre: Western, Romance
Relase Date: 2014-04-22


I read this book a few years ago and just recently listened to it on Audiobook. I loved it when I read it but BJ Harrison brings all the characters to life in wonderful and wickedly sexy ways. He's an awesome narrator! I love this story line and how everything happens and even the pace it happens. It was just right for Wes & Callie!!! Wes Braden is the hero of this story or maybe I should say the prince (you'll see why). He is tall, dark and handsome and sexy as the day is long. He just oozes genuine charm and is a really nice guy. I personally adore him!! And Callie, well I just love her too! She is just the sweetest until she is alone with Wes and then she becomes a little sex kitten. I love that contrast about her . She has an amazing group of friends who constantly had me laughing out loud. But let's not forget about Sweets! Love that puppy!! And of course, Wes's family is the best! Which if you've read MF's books about the Bradens, you already know!


Fated for Love (The Bradens at Trusty #2) by Melissa Foster was a great read. Callie is a librarian who goes on a girls weekend with her girlfriends. Little did she know she wasn't going where she thought she was. She didn't expect to see Wes Braden there and fall for him. I listened to an audiobook of this and loved listening to Callie and Wes' story. I can't wait to read more by Melissa Foster.


Wes Braden is a sweet, sexy rancher. He owns a dude ranch with a partner nearby. As a hometown boy, he’s been familiar with those around town. ;) Callie Barnes is the new assistant librarian in town. Even though she is reserved and quiet, she quickly starts turning heads in town, including the head of Wes. He starts making weekly visits to the library to retrieve books that Callie picks out for him. Both Callie and Wes look forward to the weekly visits, but neither shares those feelings with the other. Callie’s friends tell her they are taking her away to a spa, but instead surprise her with a trip to Wes’s ranch, without even knowing about Wes. When the girls arrive, and his eyes meet hers, they are both shocked. They’ve been pushing their attraction aside for weeks, but they cannot deny it any longer. One obstacle: Callie has deep fears around many of the things involved with being on a ranch including horseback riding, deep water, and heights. Wes is drawn to Callie and wants to help her push beyond her fears, but will also do anything to make her comfortable. While working through her fears, they continue to grow closer and their feelings (and passions) bloom. Callie’s question, is this a vacation fling? What happens when they go home? I read this book when it was first released in print. I truly enjoyed getting to remember and gain new perspective by listening to the audio version!


This was a lively, sexy, sweet novel that'll leave you craving more. Especially of Wes. He's sexy, swoon-worthy, loving hero who's rugged and sweet. He's charming and sweeps Callie the introvert librarian off her feet. The adventures as well as the misadventure Callie went on were heart felt and fun to read. I absolutely adored this new addition of the LIB series. The audio book was pleasant to listen to. B.J Harrison did such a good job telling the story. The nuisances of the characters was spot on and I couldn't help but smiling and laughing throughout the book.

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This is one of my favorites of the Trusty Bradens. I loved listening to it just as much as I did reading it. BJ Harrison does a great job with a Colorado Country accent. Callie has moved from Denver to Trusty to work as the assistant librarian. She loves her books and is hoping to become the head librarian when the current one retires. Every Thursday she picks out books for Wes Braden based on what he likes to read. She can't wait for Thursday's when she gets to see him. Wes owns a dude ranch and comes to the library on Thursdays to see Callie and get books that she picks out for him. Thursday's are his favorite day of the week because he gets to see Callie. Callie thinks that her friends are taking her to a spa for the weekend to relax and get pampered. She is surprised when they take her to a dude ranch instead. Unprepared for a dude ranch but willing to try and face her fears, Callie decides to stay when she realizes that it is Wes's dude ranch that they are at. With the help of Wes and her friends, Callie attempts to get out of her comfort zone and face her fears. Sparks fly and Callie and Wes discover that they both have feelings for one another and decide to see where things go. When the weekend comes to an end Callie wonders if they will still have sparks when the real world sets in. This book is sweet with lots of Heat. You will fall in love with Callie and Wes and want to go to a dude ranch for the weekend.


I read this book and also listened to the audio version and enjoyed it greatly. The narration was well done and I found myself getting caught up in the story all over again even though I had already read the print version! Callie Barnes presents herself as a demure, quiet librarian but beneath that shy exterior, she is secretly harboring a crush on Wes Braden. She looks forward to Thursday each week when she knows that he will be coming into the library to pick up the books she has picked out for him. He gets her heart beating faster and her pulse racing! Wes owns a "dude ranch" outside of town and is the object of many single women's fantasies in the town of Trusty Colorado. He has made it a practice to not get involved with any of the women who visit his ranch... business and pleasure do not mix well in his mind... but that will soon change! Little does Callie know that he looks forward to his Thursday library trips as well! Callie has been invited to join her best friends for a spa weekend and is looking forward to relaxing with her friends. But what she does not know is that the spa weekend is really a weekend at a dude ranch... and it is the ranch owned by none other than Wes. He has no idea that she is part of the group checking in and is surprised and quite pleased to find out she will be spending time there. Over the time spent at the ranch, Callie is forced to face her fears and her feelings for Wes. He realizes the depth of his feelings for Callie and his rule of not mixing business with pleasure does not seem so important any longer. Melissa's books contain just the right mix of emotion and of sexiness and this is no exception. I would recommend this book without hesitation.


Librarian meets hot cowboy.... yes sparks fly between these two Wes is the cowboy of our dreams.... What happens when a girls "spa" weekend is really a dude ranch... and you have a librarian that's afraid of everything and a cowboy that loves her...swooon.. I also received an audiobook... I now know why children love being read to The narrator really made you feel that you were there.... in the hot tub , on the trail, on the runaway horse.... Love love love


Callie is a shy librarian who looks forward to her Thursdays. That's when hunky West Braden comes into the library where she works. Callie's friends trick her into a weekend at a dude ranch. Little does Callie know Wes ownes the ranch. Wes teaches Callie how to step out if her comfort zone. Wes is so romantic. This is a beautiful love story. I adore the naration by B.J. Harrison. The way his voices change with the difference characters is great. I truly love the convince of audio books.


Melissa Foster has done it again📖. What is there not to fall in live with Wes and Callie!! The Braden men are so totally hot!! Who wouldn't want a real cowboy rancher. Just can't get enough of the Braden Men! Absolutely addicted📖👓


Callie spends her quiet life wanting what she can't have — and what most of the other women in town want as well. Every Thursday when Wes Braden walks into her library, butterflies hatch in her stomach. If only she could be more to him than just the girl who knows books. But then her “spa retreat” with her girlfriends turns out to be time at a dude ranch owned by none other than her steamy crush. Just being near him is enough to set her heart racing, and it doesn't help that she doesn't know the first thing about riding horses or roughing it. Add to that her fear of heights and anything creepy-crawly, and she's sure she'll not only ruin the vacation for her friends but also make a fool of herself in the process. Judging Covers: I have no idea what this cover has to do with this book. To look at it, I'd expect a beach romance, which is about as far from this story as one can get. Sure, the ladies did catch some rays while they were out, but no sandy beaches in sight. And she's wearing animal print. Gross. The Verdict: Oh, Wes Braden has ruined me for all other men. How one man can be all rugged and outdoorsy and hot as hell and so incredibly sweet and romantic at once is beyond explanation. And then there's the abandoned bloodhound with no sense of smell? Yep, I'm sold. Fated for Love had me laughing from the beginning, from the moment Callie reflected on graphic versus fade-to-black love scenes in books, and then when I wasn't melting over some romantic bit Wes was managing, I was cracking up at her friends. In most stories, when the crazy girlfriends pressure the shy girl into breaking out of her shell, it's so damned uncomfortable that I almost hate them, even when it all works out in the end. But this one was different. Sure, her friends were the best kind of insane, and they totally snowed her to get her to the dude ranch, but they didn't spend all their time throwing her into awkward situations and setting her up for embarrassment. They were all sweet and funny and clearly loved her and wanted her to be happy. And that scene where they were all in her tent? Just perfect. I also liked Callie a lot more than I expected to. I didn't necessarily think I wouldn't like her; I just thought she'd be that shy, insecure heroine who overdid the wallflower bit. But she was so much more fun than that, rising to whatever challenges were thrown at her, even when they reflected all her phobias, and it was immediately clear that while a little more introverted than her friends, she was at heart no less adventurous. And through it all, Wes was ridiculously romantic, but it was written so perfectly that instead of rolling my eyes, I was grinning like a fool. I'd venture to say this is my new favorite book in the series, but I think I've learned my lesson. They're all so good, so different from each other, and so much fun that the next one will just end up at the top of my favorites list as well.