Slope of Love PDF Download

Slope of Love PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2013-11-23


I always want to start by saying that I always enjoy Melissa Foster books, and even better when BJ Harrison narrates the story. This review is for the Audible Version of the book. I have been a big fan of friends to lovers stories, because there are definitely quite a few different ways that the author can take the story. Rush and Jayla have been friends for a long time, and life as a playboy has worked quite well for Rush. Until he realizes that it's time to change his ways. The book was really enjoyable, and I always love when old characters make appearances in other books. Both characters have some big secrets that they are trying to reveal to one another. Will they be able to survive these changes together and find their HEA? You have to listen to find out!


Another wonderful book by Melissa Foster, and narration by BJ Harrison. I just love the voices. He is smooth and relaxing. You have some Olympic Skiers come and help teach kids to ski, and figure out there lives. Rush has been been best friends with Jayla since they were 13. He has been a womanizer thru there friendship, and Jayla has been madly in love with him. Rush is ready to confess his love, but he thinks he may have waited to long. Jayla has given up on Rush to see her as anything more. She starts dating another member of the team, and she’s keeping a big secret from the coach and everyone. Her should his injured again. Very good love story with a lot of heart.


While I have raved about the entire Remington series, Rush and Jayla's story was my favorite. I have a soft spot for tales of friendship turning into love and overcoming the obstacles that it presents. I have reread this multiple times now and I have ever intention of doing so again and again.