Game of Love PDF Download

Game of Love PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2013-11-23


Audio Version Dex Remington has been Ellie Parker's safe place since they were kids. To this day he still leaves his window open for her. Ellie grew up in foster care and lots of insecurities. With Dex's help she is able to trust and be loved the way she deserves to be. Melissa Foster gets better and better with each book. BJ Harrison did another amazing job with the narration.


Dex and Ellie are two of my favorite characters in the Remington family by Melissa Foster. I read the kindle book AND the audible book, and neither one disappointed! The characters have a history, and Dex is afraid of getting hurt again. But he definitely has the right to be hesitant. Their chemistry in the book is off the charts and hotter than ever, and listening to it in audio added another fantastic element to it that truly made it hard to put down (the headphones). BJ Harrison is a terrific narrator that brings both the male and female character to life, and I really enjoy listening to books with him. 5 big stars for Ellie and Dex!

All Things Romance

You can never be disappointed in the stories that Ms. Foster creates. And Mr. Harrison was a perfect choice for this book. He compliments the story perfectly. His is a voice that makes you sit back and listen to what he has to say. You get a better understanding of who Dex is and even though he doesn't try to project a female character we still get a sense of who that character is. It may be the beginning of one series but it ties in to the author's popular "Love In Bloom" series. You don't need to have read that series to enjoy this new one but it may be considered incentive to give the other series a try. Having listened to this book it has put me on the fence as to whether it's ruined me for reading the series but then I decide it hasn't. There will be times that I want to get lost in a book where the characters make me feel like one of their friends or a part of their family. But if I want to take a walk around the block or on a nature trail, then I can take my well charged iPod and get a different experience from the book. This is one difference between what you read and what you hear. You may actually pick up on something that you may have forgotten or missed when you read the story. I can't wait to listen to more. I voluntarily reviewed an Audiobook copy of this book.

Shy G.

What seemed like a pairing of two very unlikely people made for a sweet and steamy romance. I loved Dex from beginning to end. He was an amazing friend, boss, son and ultimately match for Ellie. I was saddened by everything Ellie went through in her past, even most recently. But I loved the connection it established between her and Dex. This was a great kick off to what I expect will be a fantastic series. The experience of listening and reading at the same time was perfect. The narrator did a good job of giving each character a new voice and did a really good job with both male and female voices. I look forward to reading and listening to many more stories by this author.


I like loved this story. The open window. The understanding of just giving her, his strength. The girl with a foster parent that was going into her room at night. The father that figured out what was happening to the girl his son protected, and reporting him. Causing them to lose each other. The way Dex would leave the window open for her all these years later. Having to be able to learn and except she was safe. Such a wonderful love story that touched my heart. And B.J, soft and calming voice had me mesmerized!


As expected, Foster has come up with yet another entertaining and heartwarming story in this on-going series. Great characters and more insight into characters we have met before. Definitely read the series in order. While it is true that each book is a stand alone you will feel so much more a "part of the family" to be acquainted with everything that has come before and to really understand each of the characters and the family dynamic.


The writing is phenomenal and the story is heart-warming. The entire series is interconnected perfectly while each book still being able to stand on its on is perfection. I don't know how anyone can read just one!! Melissa Foster has quickly become one of my favorite authors and I look forward to reading all her books and seeing what she comes out with next!


I'm not even a whole chapter into this and I'm already annoyed. Too much information and too much internal dialogue. I understand backstory is important but sheesh.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars Game of Love by Melissa Foster is the first book in The Remingtons and the tenth book in the encompassing Love In Bloom series. It is such a refreshing change to have the girl break the guys heart and run off into the night. Normally it's studly alpha-male leaves distressed broken damsel only to later return having suddenly realized his mistake years later. Well, not this story. Game of love takes that and flips it on it's head! There was a lot of back and forth between the characters that had me quite frustrated at times, especially with Ellie and her insecurities. Hot HOT Dex and his tattooed self is worth the frustration over Ellie. Another enjoyable romance from Melissa Foster.

From a big fan

You've done it again, Melissa. I'm so hooked from The Snow Sisters to The Braden's and now to The Remington's!!!! I've pre ordered all the books and can't wait:)