Hearts at Play PDF Download

Hearts at Play PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2014-01-18


Really enjoyed the book. Hugh was such a great character.


A new author for me, and happy to say I was not disappointed. It was a feel good book with a happy ending. I will call it more of a fairytale than true to life, but who doesn’t enjoy a sweet love story ?


This was an awesome book! I am in love with Hugh Braden! He is so sweet & romantic to Bree!! And I loved how much he loved Layla!! Prince Hugh!! Definitely one of my favorite Melissa Foster books! ❤️

Allyson Schapira

Melissa Foster has done it again!!! The fifth Braden offspring to fall in love and it melted my heart!! Each Braden holds a special place in my heart now but Hugh Braden is the best! The building of trust and love between the once fast playboy type changed romantic man and his fated love Brianne is joyful, funny and sexy. It's a heartwarming story that makes you laugh, cry and love so much!


My rating: 4 of 5 stars Hearts at Play by Melissa Foster is the ninth book in the encompassing Love In Bloom series and the sixth book in The Bradens portion of that series. Once again, Melissa Foster delivers a sweet and heartwarming tale. This one is of two people with different life goals who begin to realize that, despite themselves, they may actually be better WITH the other person in their lives. They realize it's okay to open up and not try to do everything by yourself. Hugh Braden is a Grand Prix racecar driver and is using to living life fast and hard. He accepts a friends offer of a blind date because, honestly, can it be any worse than the gold-digging fan girls that currently chase him around? He didn't expect to be so besotted with the date that wants NOTHING to do with him. Brianna Heart is a mom to a beautiful six-year old girl and has a twelve-year plan of working two jobs and staying away from guys so that she can be the best mom possible to her daughter. she isn't expecting to be blown away by Hugh and fights it as much as possible. Can these two work out their difference in expectations and life-plans to finally allow love into their lives?


This books are driving me crazy i love allllllll of Melissa's books i read them all n omg am in love with them. This books get to my heart they make me fel like am there the person living in the story. U should make a movie about this family.