Sea of Love PDF Download

Sea of Love PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2013-12-04


15 months. It took 15 months for Lacy and Dane to be in the same physical space again. It took Max and Treat's wedding to finally make it happen. The attraction was immediate and likely obvious to everyone around them. While the attraction was undeniable, what was it that kept them apart for so long? Work? Promotions? The Brave Foundation mission of helping sharks? Lacy, is afraid of sharks due to an experience from her childhood. Dane isn't sure, at first, what he is afraid of, but why didn't he go to Lacy during those 15 months? How these two be able to overcome their fears? Or will they? When they are together, the passion is undeniable. But, how do they get past their hangups in order to be together? Does love conquer all? I thoroughly enjoyed following Lacy and Dane on their journey. I laughed and cried for them, and continued to hold out hope that they would pull together in the end.


Melissa Foster couldn't have picked a better narrator for her books! BJ Harrison is amazing! I love the way he is able to change up his voice so much from character to character. He even keeps the same voices he uses for the characters that pop in from the other books he has narrated of hers. It is simply wonderful. This is one of my favorite stories in the Love in Bloom series. Dane & Lacy have to overcome so much to finally be together, the biggest thing being his career. Dane is a shark tagger/researcher and Lacy is deathly afraid of sharks after having had a run in with one as a child. It has been 15 months since Dane & Lacy met at her sisters' wedding in the Bahamas. They have been in constant contact getting to know each other intimately, just not in person. When they finally see each other after all this time, they are already in love. The realities of life cause them quite a bit of problems but their love, which is big as the sea, will see them through.

Kirsten Ellen

Lacy and Dane met at Her sisters' destination wedding in Nassau. Fifteen months later, at Max & Treat's wedding, they FINALLY see each other in person after all those months of texts, phone calls, & video chats. But all the buildup was more than what Lacy bargained for when she develops a panic attack after realizing her fear of sharks...which happens to be Dane's livelihood. But Dane won't let her go with fighting for her. He develops a way to help Lacy by showing her everything to do with the Brave Foundation. Finally, they get thru her fears and believe they can get thru anything...until an accident makes it clear to the both of them that things aren't so clear cut. They soon realize that with their love, they can get thru anything! BJ Harrison brings the book alive and really allows you to feel what the characters are feeling...allowing you to know exactly what they are going through!


Dane Braden wasn't looking for anything serious, but in the fifteen months since he last saw Lacy Snow, she's somehow become a huge part of his life. But Skype and Facetime are nothing compared to what he feels when he finally lays eyes on her again. Lacy Snow knows better than to get involved with a man who makes a living — and makes his home — in a boat traveling around the world. But something about Dane grabs ahold of her, and when they're finally in the same place, there's no way they can deny their attraction. But what he does for a living is everything she fears, and falling in love doesn't necessarily make their lives any more compatible. TheVerdict: I absolutely loved Lacy. She's outgoing and sweet and fun — and even when things got all kinds of angsty, I understood every decision she made. To be honest, I didn't expect to like Dane very much. After learning a little about him in the earlier books, I just couldn't see how he was going to convince me that he was worth Lacy. But his internal conflict, his initially not being able to name or understand what he was feeling… Well, seeing everything from his perspective had me falling in love with him right alongside Lacy. While all the characters and stories in this series are very different from each other (and individually wonderful), this one really stood out to me. Maybe it's that Dane is a flawed guy who doesn't instantly better himself, but rather takes a bit of time to come to terms with both what he wants and who he wants to be. Or maybe it was the whole anxiety thing that sneaked up on Lacy — it should have irked me, given my usual aversion to fictional issues like that, but she ended up making perfect sense to me. And of course, there was the romance. These two took a hell of a long time to get their heads straight — kinda reminded me of Treat and Max with their whole self-sacrificing bit — but if ever there were a couple that belonged together! Their chemistry was off the charts, and the connection they shared was so believable that I was right in the middle of the angst-fest with them. Good thing Melissa Foster always delivers a happily ever after!

Allyson Schapira

If you are a hopeless romantic, you will love love love this book and this entire series! Melissa Foster is a fabulous author!!!