Destined for Love PDF Download

Destined for Love PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Genre: Western, Romance
Relase Date: 2013-11-08


Destined for Love was another great read by Melissa Foster. Rex Braden works hard on his family ranch during the day. He has always just had physical relationships but never close enough for an emotional one. But Jade Johnson changes when she moves back into town. The only thing in their way was the fact that their father's have been feuding for over forty years. I absolutely loved listening to Jade and Rex's story. This was another great audiobook by Melissa Foster.


Destined For Love is super sweet, super hot small town country romance. The forbidden aspect was a feud between two families that had gone on way too long and needed a bit of shaking up. Jade Johnson and Rex Braden know they shouldn’t be attracted to each other. But when the attraction is just too strong to resist, it might be the only thing that will force them to reevaluate the long standing field between their families. Both Jade and Rex gave in way too much to what their fathers thought it wanted. I quite often wanted to shake them and tell them to grow up. What could have been a fairly blah story was brought up a notch in audiobook by really good narration! -3.5 Stars-


Your book that I have just finished reading is the best I have read in a long,long time. It was so interesting that I couldn't put it down. The story made me Remenber the long days on the farm which I loved. The story was really put together with people that that had a hard life and had to refrain from taking their love public. I went through some of the crap that Jade and Rex had to endure but joined the military instead of staying home. When I returned 20 years later all the bad stuff was gone and so I settled down. Now as a retired disable veteran I just read books on my iPad. So, keep up the good writing and look forward to read many more of your books. Thank you for being an excellent writer.


Rex Braden doesn't know what started the feud between his family and the Johnsons, but he knows better than to pursue Earl Johnson's daughter Jade. Problem is that she's the only woman who's ever caught his eye and held it, and while she may be off limits, she's still everything he's ever wanted. It seems like chance keeps bringing them together, but when they both start falling, that chance begins to look a whole lot more like destiny. But with decades of bad blood, stubborn parents, and disputed land between them, making an honest go of it isn't going to be easy. The Verdict: Oh, sexy Rexy! In many ways, this might have been my perfect book. Melissa Foster took me home to a ranch, gave me back the Arabian my Daddy bought me when I was a kid, and threw in a sexy as sin but ultimately gentleman cowboy. I'm already sold on her writing, and about the only thing that would have ruined this book for me would have been something along the lines of an alien invasion or zombie outbreak. The whole star-crossed lovers thing in Destined for Love was different than I expected. With the feuding families, I thought Jade and Rex would be at each other's throats, but from the very beginning, they began to bring out the best in each other. Sure, they butted heads, and their futile attempts at hiding their attraction from each other led to some awesome misunderstandings, but Rex remained the gentleman, and Jade was as sweet as she was feisty. It really was the perfect country pairing. And at first, I thought the feud was crazy (I guess I was kind of in sync with the Jade and the Braden kids in this one), but the more I saw of the fathers, the more I believed it. It really is nuts what people will hold against each other for ages, and it seemed these guys were no different from the rest of us in that respect. Emotion almost always wins over logic when it comes to these things, and true to life, emotion started it, and emotion ended it. I guess it goes without saying that this is the perfect romance for anyone who can appreciate the everyday life on a ranch — from mending fences to mucking stalls to running to the feed store. But for those who don't know the difference between Rogues and Ropers, it's still a great escape into a modern cowboy romance.