Sisters in Love PDF Download

Sisters in Love PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Genre: Romance, New Adult
Relase Date: 2013-09-09


This first story in a new series has me hooked! Danica has always lived in her sisters shadow but that hasn't bothered her until Blake arrived. This is a wonderful story about love growth and finding where the heart belongs! I have read and listened to the story and I have to say the audible version is very well done!


What I loved about Sisters in Love was the bit of taboo to the love story. Danica is a therapist and Blake comes to her as a patient. “Danica’s heart broke with the realization she so often had—that everyone carries baggage. Some people’s was just lighter than others’.” As much as she feels a pull towards Blake, Danica tries to make cautious, sensible decisions. She sees her sister Kaylie’s seeming promiscuity and doesn’t want that for herself. “We don’t have to be who our parents or people around us expect us to be.” I loved the little hints of Kaylie’s story that we are given. It really makes me want to read the next Story Sister book. I listened to this on audiobook and I enjoy this narrator. He really brings the story to life off of the page. -3.5 Stars-


Sister in Love by Melissa Foster was a great read. Danica is a therapist who has always made the more conservative choices. Blake has always been a player until his business partner does in an accident. Blake decides to go through therapy and walks into Danica’s office. I loved reading Danica and Blake’s story. I listened to the audiobook and loved how the narrator brought life to the characters. I can’t wait to read more by Melissa Foster.


I was immediately drawn to Danica as I started listening to the audio version of Sisters in Love. I think this was because Danica reminds me of myself. She’s pretty straight-laced, generally does the right thing, and often thinks of others before herself. This is often a blessing and a curse. You stay out of trouble, but also likely miss out on some things in life. Even before Danica met Blake, she started to question if she was on the path she was meant to take in life. Initially, Blake seems to be the complete opposite of Danica. He knows he’s a player, and enjoys that lifestyle. That is until his close friend dies unexpectedly and Blake starts questioning his decisions, current place in life and his path ahead. As he struggles through processing his friend's death, he decides to reach out to a therapist. Danica, a therapist, is where Blake ultimately ends up making an appointment. They try to fight their attraction, but it ultimately does not work. I enjoyed watching them both realize the new direction their lives were taking. This was my first experience with listening to one of Melissa’s, one of my favorite authors, as an audio book. I truly enjoyed it. I think the only thing I would change is possibly having a female narrate Danica’s parts of the story.


Sisters in Love is the very first book of Melissa Foster’s Snow Sisters and the beginning of Love in Bloom series. I read this book the first time when it released in 2014 and recently had an opportunity to read it again – this time via an audiobook. My favorite thing about Melissa’s books are how well defined her characters are. This is the story of Danica and Blake and their journey to love. Blake is a confirmed bachelor – a true one night stand kind of guy while Danica is the exact opposite – constantly concerned about being perfect and never being her true self. Add in a tragic death, a sister with issues of her own and you have a bumpy ride to happily ever after. I have to confess I am a huge Melissa Foster’s fan. I have never read one of her books that I did not thoroughly enjoy. So with that said I believe you will enjoy this book whether you choose to read it in print or listen to it. Just be prepared to buy the next book because it just takes one book and then you are hooked. Enjoy.


I read this book a few years ago and just got finished listening to the Audible. I love this series by Melissa Foster! The characters are just so rich and real. This is a multifaceted story that truly has so much going for it. It is a beautiful heart-warming story about two people (Danica and Blake) unlikely to end up together who do just that, but it is a long time coming and nor without some inner turmoil. When it does the floodgates of passion open up and swallow them whole in the very best of ways. This is also a story about loss and being lost. It is about loving and being loved. It is about the struggle many people face with getting in touch with their true wants and desires as opposed to what might be expected of them. There was a lot going on in this book with the different characters that we are introduced to but it all works quite nicely as a whole. Danica is at the center of all of them. She is a therapist and is a beautiful person on the inside and out but she is buttoned up. She is still a young woman and needs to learn how to loosen up and live a little. Her sister Kaylie is a little too loose and Danica tries to help with that but doesn't really want to counsel her she just wants to be her sister. Then there is Blake, self professed player who does not have relationships, only hook-ups but neglects to tell the women he hooks up with that, so he leaves a trail of broken hearts. Due to a tragic event in his life, he decides t seek help from a therapist who ends up being Danica. I have to admit I had a hard time liking Blake for a while but thankfully he does redeem himself. Last but not least is Michelle. Danica is Michelle's Big Sister and she spends Sundays with her trying to get her out to have some fun. Michelle has an alcoholic mother who is not really a part of her life and so she lives with her grandmother. Unfortunately Michelle is struggling to overcome the lack of her mother's guidance and is very timid. Danica really has her work cut out for her in almost every facet of her life, but she rises to the challenge. I enjoyed this book very much when I read it and I enjoyed it just as much listening to it on Audible. I only wished it was a female narrator or at least maybe a female for Danica's part and BJ Harrison for Blake. He has a nice reading voice though so I still enjoyed it.


I couldn't finish it.


Love this book! It's great!

Spiffy :)

This had so much intrigue and romance...great start of a series!!!


This book was good. Can't wait to read the next two books.


Danica Snow doesn’t have a spontaneous bone in her body. Her clothes, her career, everything about her life is logically structured, with clear goals and never a step out of line — until Blake Carter appears. Still reeling from the recent death of his friend and the complicated and altogether confusing discovery of that friend’s biggest secrets, Blake can’t figure out how to reconcile the emotional side of his life with the side of him that’s spent years indiscriminately having one-night-stands. Now that his two conflicting ways of life have collided, he’s finding they don’t go so well together, a realization that lands him on the confessional couch of one Dr. Danica Snow, therapist. The Verdict... The therapy subject made for a really interesting getting to know each other bit, and it sort of stripped away a lot of the posturing people tend to do on their way to becoming a couple. I really liked seeing Blake work through the mess his late friend and business partner kept secret. It was an interesting turn that I didn’t expect at all, and it added a bit of mystery that seemed to fit in perfectly. I also loved Danica, the way she had it all together but realized that life according to plan wasn’t necessarily the most fulfilling one and questioned her choices; however, I felt like I understood Blake more than I did her. His thoughts reflected his attraction to her, as well as his emotions, whereas hers seemed more centered around how her attraction to him might destroy her professionally. Granted, her own feelings came into clear view later, but for a good while she was more introspective, comparing herself to her rather wild sister Kaylie. Unfortunately, their story came to an end sooner than I’d have liked, but as the first book in the series, I’m not too disappointed. I’m just off to read Kaylie’s story now!


I fell in love with this series of heartwarming stories. The author makes them so interesting I couldn't put the book down. I've read the entire series, they are addicting. Can't wait for more!