Sisters in Bloom PDF Download

Sisters in Bloom PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Genre: Romance, Short Stories
Relase Date: 2013-09-19


Sisters in Bloom (Story Sisters #2) focuses on Kaylie, but there is so much more to this book. I loved all the scenes where we catch up with Danica and many other characters. Even though it can definitely be read as a standalone (as can all of the books by this author that I’ve read so far) these Snow Sisters stories read more like a connected series. I love that with the overlap of storylines in this series we really get to watch so much growth with these characters. I love listening to these books on audiobook. The narrator adds another level of enjoyment to my reading experience and makes my long commute seem like nothing! -4.5 Stars!- -Diane-


Sisters in Bloom by Melissa Foster was a great book. This is the second book in The Snow Sisters series. I absolutely loved reading more of Danica and Kaylie’s story. Kaylie has many new emotions around her growing pregnancy. Chaz now has everything he wants in Kaylie, but things aren’t always as they seem. I absolutely loved reading more of Danica and Kaylie’s story. I can’t wait to read more by Melissa Foster.


I had read this book a while back, but was given the opportunity to listen to it. You pick up on so much more listening to this book. I was able to really feel like I was with Danica and Kaylie. As the second book in the Love on Bloom series and the start of the whole Braden obsession this book is wonderful. We set off with Danica and Kaylie both ingrossed in their relationships, but on very different speeds. Danica and Blake are just settling into their relationship. While Kaylie and Chaz are already living together is expecting a baby. Kaylie is feeling her dreams are fading away as she gets further along in her pregnancy. Danica is just starting a new chapter in her life as far as work goes. With some hidden surprises in the sisters past and a big surprise for Kaylie you don't want to miss this. The audio is great. BJ's voice is so soothing.


I read this book a few years ago and really liked it. It was only my second Melissa Foster book and I feel they just get better and better. I listened to the audible this time and liked it even more than before. The narrator was very animated. He did a great job of voicing both the men and the women this time. So many wonderful things happen in this book! We get to see Kaylie grow as a person and become more likable than before. I felt she was a little shallow before this. Now we find her very pregnant and engaged to Chaz. They have a few bumps in their relationship but communication really is key. Kaylie learns that there is much more to life than singing and that she can do so much more. I loved getting more of Danica and Blake and all of the other characters we met in Sisters in Love. My favorite scene in the whole book is the birth. It is joyous, wonderful and surprising and it just warmed my heart!


The first book was good, but I have to admit that I enjoyed this one so much more. The relationship between the two sisters was front and center, and while they each had their own relationships going now, the story was about more than just romance.


The story had to much drama and very little passion. Expected just a little more of the reason women lose themselves in a romance story but not this series. It's an okay series to read if you don't have anything else available.