Forever Ventured PDF Download

Forever Ventured PDF Download

By: Kathleen Brooks
Genre: Suspense, Romance
Relase Date: 2019-08-20

Diva Princess1

Wyatt and Camilla story was awesome. Wyatt’s great grandma died leaving him the farm the house and the race horses. Wyatt places an ad for a trainer. Camilla an Irish girl grew up with her father training horses but couldn’t get a job in Europe because she was a woman. So she flew to United States and applied for job to train Wyatt’s horses and mange the barns. As usual, there is plenty of excitement and laughs. Suspenseful trying to get to derby and eventually the triple crown, but someone is trying to drug the horse. Nice stories. Kathleen Brooks never disappoint.


Another amazing journey with our Keenston family! If you haven’t read the Blue Grass series I highly recommend doing so! Kathleen Brook is an amazing storyteller!!!


Every time I read a new one, I say this is my favorite Kathleen Brooks book ever! And this one holds true to that! She makes me want to pack up and move to a fictional town. I love that Wyatt found someone special enough to kiss the horses for Nana Ruth!

cats meadow

Kathleen Brooks has done it again. Romance from days gone by, humor, suspense and action. Kathleen Brooks thank you for the laughs, tears and joy. Wyatt and Camila’s story is your best.


Wow, another amazing story. This one really tugged the heart strings along with many laugh out loud moments. Loved the story and the true honor, manners, love and dedication with this couple and their families. Great catching up on old characters and getting introduced to several new. Can’t wait to see what the future holds.