Bayside Romance PDF Download

Bayside Romance PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2019-09-18


WOW ♥️ Melissa Foster has once again written an Amazing sexy heartwarming friends & family love book!! I LOVE Gavin & Harper!! Family is everything A Must Read Series♥️


Way too repetitive!


A return to Bayside is always an enjoyable time! Gavin is a handsome, successful businessman who has great family and friends but is missing the one thing that could complete him - the love of a woman. Harper has the chance to move to LA and be a screenwriter. So she decides to celebrate by stepping out of her normal self and enjoy a one night stand. Things don’t work out for Harper and she moves back to Bayside and surprises herself and Gavin when they run into each other. This is another fun read from Melissa Foster. Her characters are so much fun to read about, the chemistry between all of them is great and of course the story with its HEA always makes you feel good and looking forward to the next book in the series!


Wow. I love reading the low drama contemporaries by Melissa Foster! Gavin and Harper's story was wonderful! I loved how they had a connection even from the first moment, and that connection continued for a year, before they me again. I also loved how they were a boost for the other one in work and in life. Great story!

Samantha B. Sokol

We love a good second chance romance from Melissa! After a whirlwind career and subsequent demise from it, Harper is on her way home with her tail between her legs and feeling like a failure. Continuing with the self-loathing, she thinks back to the year prior where she had a one-night stand that she desperately wished was more. Unbeknownst to her, because of a silly misunderstanding as to why he never called, Gavin actually now resides in her hometown and has intertwined himself into her group of friends. When the pair realize they know each other and who they are within the group of friends in addition to clearing up the misunderstandings of why he never called, Gavin decides it is a sign and decides to pursue Harper and act on the feelings they both had. As the pair continue a relationship and they get to know each other, they fall deeper for each other, but when Gavin’s past comes to light, Harper isn’t sure if the relationship is the best route for them. I really connected with this storyline for Harper involving her career and wanting to follow her dreams. This is one of the biggest reasons I love Melissa’s books so much – because the storylines are so relatable! I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.


Another happy visit to the Cape! Harper and Gavin’s story rings of serendipity. It was meant to be. Love at first sight, even if they didn’t really believe it. Then a separation, then a chance meeting up again. A true partnership of water and wind. There is a very good analogy in the story. Strength and depth of character right alongside the vulnerability of spirit. Their romance and sizzling chemistry steam up the pages. I love how many of Melissa Foster’s series are connected, yet can be read as stand alone stories. There are so many wonderful stories and I haven’t had time to read them all. I looked forward to reading all of them.


I absolutely love everything about Harper and Gavin's journey to their HEA. This is such a beautiful love story! Melissa Foster has woven so many of her books characters together with friendship, family and coworker ties so that we as long time readers and fans are lucky to get to hear more about and visit with some of our favorite characters. Even though these are all stand alone books, it's so nice if you have read them all and can understand all the connections and see future couples forming before your eyes. I love that!! But this is Harper and Gavin's story and it is sweet, sexy, flirty, and totally wonderful!! They had a hot hook-up about a year ago and went their separate ways, and now they are finally reunited back on the Cape where he now lives and she is moving back to after some time in LA. This was quite a surprise for both of them but the absolute best of surprises. Both had felt the connection a year ago but circumstances kept them from finding each other again until now. They are electric together and have incredible chemistry in every way. Gavin is so swoony and I just adore everything about him. And Harper is amazing and the absolute perfect woman for him. In addition to all the other fantastic things about their relationship, I love that they are so supportive of each other in every way.


Gavin and Harper meet and had one unforgettable night. They never thought they would see each other until Harper was down in her luck and coming back home. I enjoyed how Gavin helped Harper see that every life challenge is for a reason and she needed to learn and grow from them. This is a well written fun, sexy and sweet read. I really enjoyed watching Gavin and Harper grow as a couple and move on from bad experience.


What an interesting story this was. I loved the romance of Harper and Gavin. The interactions and story line of these characters are like beautiful music. Their relationship starts cautiously and builds to so much more. And on the way many characters from other books add to the story and the descriptions of how they all knew each other was fun. I especially loved all of Harper and her friends critiquing the books in their book club. I felt like I was there with them. Melissa Foster once again transports you to her Bayside world in this 5 star romance.