Where the Crawdads Sing PDF Download

Where the Crawdads Sing PDF Download

By: Delia Owens
Genre: Literary, Fiction & Literature
Relase Date: 2018-08-14


I read the sample before the book and it wasn’t inviting; so it sat there a few months... when I actually bout the book and got to reading i had ah moments, other times i felt the book was dragging,some parts were very emotion felt but the ending....well, i gotta say I didn’t see that coming .... now i’m asking how??? So this whole time she did it? This whole time urgghhhh I was so convinced Tate ... well i guess that’s fiction for you... overall Great read


Thoroughly loved this book, so real...I swear I could smell marsh musk and feel the heat! Kudos....more, more,more!!


What a GREAT book! Loved every minute of it!!


Love it


One of the best books I've ever read. From the syntax and imagery, to the meticulous detailing of nature. The 2 stories within flowed together like the water and sea, as so eloquently described within these pages.


This is the best book I have read in years. I was sad when I finished and wanted more. You really get involved with the characters.


My favorite book I’ve read in a long time.


Don’t get how this book turned out to be a best seller. The characters were one dimensional and the story line is tedious at times. There could have been a better plot if the author developed the love between marsh girl and tate. And the twist at the very end was just weird.


Author painted such a beautiful picture in great words of detail, I highly recommend this read.


This extraordinary book, a first novel, takes your breath away. It is brilliantly written with a beautifully drawn main character that you feel from the first pages. The plot is captivating. What a talent!


Loved this book. I could not put it down.


Loved reading this! I’ve been searching for a good book for a while now, one to hold my interest. I would highly recommend this one.