A Promise to Keep PDF Download

A Promise to Keep PDF Download

By: Susan Gable
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2017-06-06


Ex-Marine Hayden,now a high school teacher, faces a situation where he would rather dance with devil than make nice with Ronni. Watching Hayden come to terms with his feelings and issues gives the reader a look into the real Hayden. Through counseling Nick, Hayden comes to recognize the good in Ronni and the situations she faced. Nick is holding a hurtful secret close, protecting his mom. Seeing Nick grow through this story was wonderful; he's not a bad kid just a typical teenager; full of hormones and mouth. Watching Ronni struggle with her permanent vegetative state husband, Scott, who came back from the Iraq war broken, made my heart bled for her. His escapades overseas were a betrayal, the struggle to raise a teenager, and earn a living, overwhelming to Ronni. Bringing Ronni back into the family, would not be easy, however, Hayden set his mind to keeping his promise to Ian. Love's in the air. To reduce the intense emotions of the serious side of this book, Gable included laughter; I thought Hayden's problems with his spandex Captain Chemo suit so funny. Then, the family name for him was also hilarious; want everyone to know some bit of news, just tell Hayden. Oh, and when Nick...no you will have to read the book. In concluding my romance book review of A Promise To Keep, I found a wonderful romance with pacing in line with the length of the book, it did not lag or bog down. Gable included several plot lines, as well as, well-developed characters. This book has an intense love scene, which I did not find offensive. I received this book from the author and chose to voluntarily review the book.


I recently “discovered” Ms Gable in book 2 of this series titled A Family to Keep, so I was hoping this one would be just as good. I was not disappointed. It’s a story filled with a complex plot as well as complex characters. This story centers around Hayden and Ronni. Hayden Hawkins made a promise to his dying 19 year old brother that he would look after the girlfriend, Ronni and son, Nick. Though the Hawkins family love and have embraced their relationship with Nick, Ronni has not been included. They felt he had abandoned Ian when he needed her most. That is, until 13 years later when Ronni calls Hayden for help. Nick has been arrested and the court has suggested a “big brother”. Since Hayden , an ex- Marine , is now a teacher, and not only was close to Ian but also to Ronni in their youth, she feels he will help her with Nick. It’s a story that will touch your heart. It’s full of family conflicts and obstacles, of moments that you will question yourself wondering what would you do if put in that position. Through Hayden, the author reminds us that life is not black or white , but rather many shades of gray. It’s interesting how feelings and viewpoints change and a reminder that in the end family support and love, can really redeem us and enrich our lives. Another winner by this talented author. I was gifted this book. The opinions expressed are solely my own.


A PROMISE TO KEEP by Susan Gable A Hawkins Family Story Hayden, his brother Ian son's was in trouble, Nick now 14 years old. Probation, thought he needed a man role in his life, and that would be with his uncle. Words hadn't been spoken in thirteen years because Rommi left before Ian died. The hurt,and they think he gave up because of it. A promise had been made, how difficult would it be, to be in Rommi and Nicks life now. Will they try for Nick. A good family story and of second chances. Good story that all ages will enjoy. Given ARC ,for my voluntary review and my honest opinion.