Bayside Desires PDF Download

Bayside Desires PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2017-05-17

Lynn B888

A sexy fun new series from Melissa Foster! I was slightly less hooked at the beginning of this book than normal with one of these sub-series from the ever-popular Love In Bloom series, but once more characters popped in and we started to hear the back story of their lives, I became more invested and really enjoyed the outcome. From the characters we met along the way, I think the continuing books in the series will be a lot of fun! When preschool teacher Desiree Cleary is tricked by her wayward mother into spending the summer on Cape Cod running her art studio, it doesn’t seem like she’s going to be having a great time. Throw in a trouble-making dog and her wild-child half-sister and she’s ready to start pulling her hair out practically as soon as she arrives! The only saving grace is the hunk she makes eyes with as he’s jet skiing nearby. Rick Savage is home from his busy life in DC for just a few weeks as he works with his brother and best friend on renovations at a resort they bought together. He’s instantly drawn to Desiree when he sees her watching him. Why not throw caution to the wind and enjoy a summer fling? Little did either of them realize what a strong connection they were going to share right off the bat. When it’s time to part ways and head home, will they be able to do it?

Diva Princess1

Where is my Rick! I feel me I say that all the time, lol. Desiree and Rick were perfect for each other. They both had empty hearts, from childhood tragedies. I love our new Bayside Family. Can't wait to finally read about Drake and Serena. Please don't make me wait until 2018...

Knotty Girl Reviews

Bayside Desires by Melissa Foster is the first book in the Bayside Summers series which fits in her Love In Bloom series of books. (I’d be here for a long, long time if I listed all of those books) But the good part is that all of the books can be read as a standalone. I’ll stand right up and admit that the reason I decided to read this book initially was that it was set in Cape Cod, Mass. Seeing as how I’m from Massachusetts and have spent many a summer “Down the Cape”, it appealed. I ended up loving it oh so very much, and for me to love a straight-up vanilla romance says a lot about the author. It was a total, feel-good, romantic, beachside read for me. I’m definitely going back to read it’s sister series. But the premise here is that straight-laced school teacher Desiree Cleary gets an e-mail from her wayward mom telling her she needs to come and run her Cape Cod art gallery for the summer because it might prolong her life. Desiree is in for a surprise when she shows up and so does her sister Violet, who got the same message, about HER. What mom Lizza does next is shocking. But the uptight Desiree meets Rick Savage, who is partners with his brother and friend in Bayside Resort. He is down for a few weeks for renovations before flying back to DC for his stifling 80 hour a week company. He and Desiree meet with quite a splash, and the fireworks are instant. But it’s the Cosmos that brings them together. Problem is, both of them have jobs to go back to, and there’s one big problem for two estranged sisters to deal with. There is lots of romance in this book, and by the end, (more like a third way through) you’ll fall in love with Rick and want him for your very own book boyfriend. He’s THAT swoon-worthy. Desiree just blooms throughout this book and becomes an amazing, loving woman you just want to hug. And the secondary characters are just fabulous! My absolute favorite was Violet, my soul sister. She had me laughing so hard at points, and despite her snark, she obviously loves and protects Desiree. My favorite line of the whole book was Violet to Des… “Fine. I love your sorry a**. Now let’s go into P-town and see what kind of f**kery we can get into.” You gotta love a sister who will drag you to the gayest place in the Northeast to have yourself a great time, Lord knows I always do!


Rick and Desiree meet in a very unique way. That introduction sets the stage for this hot, funny and heartwarming romance from Melissa Foster. I could not put this book down. It drew me in from the beginning. Melissa Foster has a true talent for making the reader feel they are a participant in the lives of the characters and not just an observer. I can't wait to visit these friends at Bayside again. Great book!


Sexy and sweet, funny and heartfelt. Simple, descriptive words for a story that is anything but simple. Rick is a gorgeous, sexy guy on the surface, but as Desiree quickly finds out, he's much more than a pretty face. Sweet and funny, he's that gentleman who every mom wants for their daughter...minus the hot sex, of course! Desiree herself is sweet and serious, and dealing with mommy issues when she meets Rick. But she quickly loosens up and unleashes her hidden vixen. Featuring a cast of new and old faces, Bayside Desires is all about romance and love but also centers around forgiveness and closure to old hurts, tragic events and misunderstandings. Set in Wellfleet, Massachusetts (in favorite place in the world, Cape Cod), the beach setting is perfect for a summer romance. I can't wait to read more of this new Melissa Foster series!!


Fantastic start to the new Bayside Series by Melissa Foster. Rick and Desiree captured my heart from the very beginning and as always with these series, kept me interested till the very end. Rick is strong and loving and he knows what he wants, if only he could let go of the hurt from losing his father many years ago. Desiree has been hurt by the one person in the world who should have always protected her, her mother. When they both find themselves back on the Cape, their hearts begin to heal and find love in one another. You get a touch of Mira, Matt and Hagen in this story. I love the way Ms. Foster weaves all her books together to bring you the old that you love and the new that you'll be loving soon. Great story!