Whisper of Love PDF Download

Whisper of Love PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2017-02-22


First time reading this author. The story had great potential, but their hook up happened way too fast for my taste, and the sex was a little too graphic . It seems that’s become the selling point these days. I did like the characters and the story line though.


I couldn’t wait to see Tempy fall in love and seeing her help Nash and “flip” grow as a family made me laugh and cry. I can’t wait to read about Ty when it is his turn.


Audio version Nash is a single father that is giving his all to his young son Philip, at the expense of his creative destiny and relationships with others. Tempest needs a new place to live and ends up renting a room from Nash so they are both able to make their bills. Neither of them expected that their new housemate would actually be so much more for both of them. Listen (or read) as both Tempest and Nash learn how to expand their lives to include each other. Thank you Melissa


This was a great story narrated by BJ Harrison. This complex story revolves around a reclusive artist and a quirky musical therapist. This storyline it's so realistic being that it's involving a single parent and development of a young child who adores and mimics their hero at all costs. The moments between the characters are so very touching and the narration just pulls you in that you forget that you're listening to the story and not watching it or reading it. The relationships develop organically and so simply that you really feel a part of the story going on. I love the story it quite possibly is one of my favorites...don't miss out on this book.


Sometimes it’s hard to leave home – not because you can’t leave, but because you have so much family, everywhere, and you love them. Tempest Braden has this problem. She loves her family and loves her work as a music therapist, yet wants a fresh start in a new place so that she can meet new people. What she finds is Nash Morgan and his son Phillip (Flip). Nash builds furniture now, but was an artist before Phillip. Tempest rents a room from Nash… Melissa Foster has a great thing going. The Braden’s are such a great family, with love, laughs and caring. Siblings and cousins are close, and bringing new loves into the fold is a test that comes with love and acceptance. Whisper of Love does not disappoint. Tempest and Nash offer a sweet getting to know you with some intense moments and some fun and laughs, too. I listened to an audible of this story. The narrator, BJ Harrison, did a great job of bringing the story to life. He captures the characters so well, and his voice will entice you in and keep you there. Even if you’ve never read or heard a Braden family story, you can have this story as a stand-alone. However, the story will be richer if you know some of the Braden’s. Enjoy this story, and if you are so inclined, catch up with all of the other Braden’s as well!


Wonderful story inhanced more by the narrator! I love all of Melissa Foster's books, but what a joy to have this book read to you. I was able to put on my headphones, close my eyes and escape into the beautiful world Melissa Foster had created!! I love this so much

Allyson Schapira

Full of suspense, fun and intense love. Amazing love story that is built on trust and friendship. Amazing read!!!

Diva Princess1

That was the most adorable story ever. Nash, Phillip and Tempest. Nash was an artist, and a single father of three years old Phillip. Due to tragic circumstances he lost his older brother, breaking up his family. Separating him from his only living family his mom. Tempest was a music therapist, looking for a change and decided to move. Went to rent a room from Nash and sparks flew everywhere. Tempest and Nash and Phillip help each other to heal. And the proposal could not have been more beautiful. This is emotionally sensitive story but you will love.


This book was amazing! (Not that all the others that I love aren't!!!) I was crying, laughing and smiling and completely fell in love!!!  

Lynn B888

I love all of the Braden stories, but there’s just something about this one that just stole my heart! The relationship between this father and son is just plain sweet and adorable … and add Tempe into the mix and they make such a great family! Tempest Braden has left her nest of loving and over-protective family members to venture out on her own in Pleasant Hill. She’s watched her siblings start settling down and finding their happily-ever-afters and she’s decided she wants to go after her dream of where she wants her career to go. She is slowly building her clientele and hoping renting a quiet room from Nash Morgan will help her have some peace to rest and be creative! Single father Nash Morgan and his adorable son Phillip are such a temptation to her! Who knew sparks were going to fly between them as soon as she stepped foot in the place? Nash has put a lot of his life on hold to be the best father that he can be for his son … and he also harbors a lot of pain from his past and a part of himself that is closed off that he’s afraid to ever let in. Will having Tempe around help heal him? And when he finds out things weren’t exactly as they seemed all those years ago, will he be able to move past the self doubt he has been living with to find that happy ending?

Bruin Reviewer

A wonderful book about love and heartache of a single father(Nash), his 3 year old son(Philip), and a beautiful young woman(Tempest), who is hunting for a new beginning in life and business. She rents a room from Nash, in order to have a restful environment to write songs and build a new business. Tempest has a unique way of weaving herself into the lives of Nash & Philip. This is such an endearing story of music, guitars, lost family members, and complete reinventing their lives. It pulls your heart strings and you will have many tears to wipe away. It is a potent love story that is hard to put down and a great yearning to know their future. Beautiful writing, Melissa!


Melissa Foster did it again! She is aces at weaving a story of heartache and love. Nash is a single father of a 3 year old little boy named Phillip. Tempest is new to town and looking for a room to rent. When she moves in with Nash and Phillip it doesn't take long for their hearts to reach out for each other. Tempest helps Nash heal from the loss of his brother so many years ago and to let him know he can be an amazing dad and still give his little boy the independence he needs to grow up and socialize with other people. Nash helps Tempest realize what she wants from her life and goes about making it happen for her. Whisper of Love is a sweet, sexy read and one of the best yet by Melissa Foster.