Bad Boys After Dark: Dylan PDF Download

Bad Boys After Dark: Dylan PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2016-12-21

Cheryl SDS

When I think of Tiffany and Dylan, I think MIND BLOWING PASSION! A man that loves to kiss and a woman who didn't know she was starving for them. This book played like a movie in my head. There's was such an amazing relationship to watch blossom. This book and this series, Bad Boys After Dark, is a MUST read! You won't regret it. Scorching HOT!

Mom's Cooking The Books

This book was a sweet, hot, sexy read! Whew! I have read a few of this authors books and they were hot, but holy hotness, this was scorching! This story is such a great journey of finding love, opening yourself up to trust, learning to let go and enjoy life and the people in it. I enjoyed every minute of this story. Dylan was sweet, caring, romantic, but he was all alpha. He is an amazing character and you can’t help but fall in love with him and his personal story. Tiffany is strong with her drive to be the best at her career of being a sports agent. She’s involved in a male dominated career, but she one of the top agents, as she isn’t in it only for the love of sports, but because she feels the clients need to have someone to get them what they want and what their families want. She protects them and is available for them 24/7. She has no life other than work. She rarely has time for family and definitely no time for relationships. Dylan and Tiffany’s journey is a beautiful love story and I loved to see how their characters developed and their love develop! Their story is honest, sexy and so touching. They both have secrets that need to be told and they learn together what the meaning of love and life is together. If you want an amazing, beautiful and very HOT love story, then this is the book for you! I highly recommend it!


I absolutely fell super hard for Dylan...Oh good Lord...He is totally swoon-worthy. Dylan meets Tiffany at his brother's wedding & their tryst takes off from there. Dylan is this super dominate yet softhearted guy that you can't help but fall in love with from the very beginning of this book. Tiffany is this kickbutt Sports agent where her work is her life. Tiffany is not like any of the other women that Dylan has every dated, but he quickly learns that she is just what he needs. I loved the way these two breakdown each other's wall and it only seems to bring them closer throughout the book. I love the way Melissa Foster's books always have a way of dealing with serious issues like cancer and abandonment issues yet make you fall in love with the mail characters and the supporting characters. This book had me wondering when the shoe was going to drop and how hard everything was going to fall apart, then managed to surprise me at every twist and turn. This series & this book is absolutely a must read!


Melissa Foster has done it again😊.Absolutely loved Dylan and Tiffany's story. I great to how Dylan worked Tiffany to show her softer side and bring her to her knees. I wish the book boyfriends lived in the real world. If I had to create ideal man. Dylan would be it. Can't wait to read Carson and Brett. Way to go Melissa!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us in 2017🍾🍾

Diva Princess1

It was so good it was "Bad". Dylan the nightcaps bar owner meet tough as nails sorts agent Tiffany. This book was so hot it sizzled. Dylan is the man. Can there really be a guy that perfect. OMG he is Hot. please.


Yet another amazing love story from Melissa Foster! She contributed to heat up our winter nights south another hit under the sheets, cab, office, couch....crimeney anywhere that two hit and sexily couples could possibly find themselves wrapped in add around each other at. However although these couples within her stories are fantastically exquisite in bed, Melissa also tells a wonderful life story of each character. Dylan owns Nightcaps-a bar that attracts business-people, celebrities, and everyone in between. He usually goes for women who ate the needy-submissive type, Give him a night with a damsel in distress and he’d turn her into a very gratified Princess Orgasm in no time.*(direct book quote), which Tiffany Winters was DEFINITELY NOT! However she was a challenge and he never backed down from a challenge. He liked no-strings attached sex like any other guy, he respected and wanted a true relationship, he just hasn't find the right woman yet. But he wanted to get to know Tiffany, she was far more complex than he originally thought. Tiffany is a high powered sports agent who believed that Love was a crutch for weak people who needed someone else to lean on. Plus she's moving her sports agency top New York from L.A. who had time for distractions, even ones with a mouth that should have a warning label stating "PANTY BURNER AHEAD"*(direct book quote). But a one hour stress relief she could afford and needed. However things don't always work out as they plan, especially since they live in the same building. To see what happens between Dylan and Tiffany you'll have to read BAD BOYS AFTER DARK-DYLAN. I can't wait to read more of her Love in Bloom books, they're a big family romance collection over several subseries where characters from each subseries apart in future stories. Melissa Fosters Love in Bloom books may be read as stand alone, but for more enjoyment, read them in series order, characters from each series carry guard to the next. I have jumped around whole reading them and have enjoyed each and every one I've read so far. Eventually I will go back and read the complete series in order to see the little pieces I'm surely missing by jumping sound. But it is nice to catch pieces of characters in different stories, just like in life, people and places are inter-connected. I received an ARC via Tasty Book Tours in exchange for an honest blog tour review. Due to explicit sexual content and adult language this novel is recommended for readers 18 and older. Favorite Passages ~ • “You’re far too hot for Winters.” • “From now on, you’re my Summers.” • You’re my ten, summer girl. Sweet dreams


Tiffany Winters is a tough as nails sports agent. When she walks into a bar after work and into the middle of Mick Bad's wedding, she doesn't expect to find his hot brother Dylan. All she wants is a one night stand with Dylan. But Dylan is drawn to her and won't let her just walk away. Dylan makes Tiffany put her phone done and experience life as it's going on around her. It takes a while but Tiffany realizes that she doesn't need to be tough in every aspect of her life. Dylan sees the real her beneath the hard exterior. And he loves her anyway. Dylan Bad is everything you want in a book boyfriend. He's sexy and soft. Romantic and strong. Loving and fierce. One of the best heroes in any of Melissa Fosters books...and there are some amazing men in there!!!


Wow, I think I fell In love with Dylan bad in the first sentence of the book. He is tall, sexy and sensitive. Tiffany is all business. A beautiful sports agent who gets what she wants. This book is a journey with Tiffany and Dylan as they take baby steps in a relationship. It will bring tears to your eyes from both love lost and laughter. Melissa Foster has written another top notch romance!


Dirty, but oh so good. This book is hotter than most of what Melissa writes, but doesn't the cross the line to raunchy. I've been waiting for Dylan's book for a while. Ever since Logan's when we meet him at NightCaps. And this book didn't disappoint. Dylan is just as sexy as I thought he would be. Tiffany, his leading lady is a hard nosed independent woman who is unlike most female leads in books nowadays. Dylan has to work at the relationship with Tiffany. They are steaming from the start. Where this relationship didn't have as many ups and downs as most books it still had a few twists and turns, but the balance was just right. You will also get a good introduction to some of the Nice girls from the upcoming series. Can't wait for Carson's book.


Melissa never fails to deliver on her promises and Dylan's book is no exception. Dylan is a strong, sexy, alpha male who knows what he wants and how to get it. What's surprising is how sensitive he is to what Tiffany needs, and how she'll likely respond if he makes a wrong move. He's incredibly sensitive and emotional, but it looks good on him. Tiffany has made a place for herself in the world by controlling everything around her. Over controlling. There were times I wanted to smack her phone out of her hand, and wondered how Dylan didn't. But she thankfully finally learned, with Dylan's help, how to find a life outside of her work. The sex scenes are steamy and creative and quite numerous, as Tiffany and Dylan couldn't keep their hands off each other. And who can blame them, with how sexy Dylan is. Another strong, sexy story from Melissa Foster.