Chased by Love PDF Download

Chased by Love PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2016-08-17


Chased by Love by Melissa Foster was a great read. This is the third book in The Ryders Series. Trish Ryder is an actress who takes a job that could get her first award nomination. Unfortunately there is one person who could get in her way, her co-star Boone Stryker. I absolutely loved reading Trish and Boone's story. I can't wait to read more by Melissa Foster.


Chased by Love is the third book in The Ryders series. It can be read as a standalone. I’ve been binge reading (& listening to) Melissa Foster books completely out of order with no problem. But I can say that after reading Claimed by Love I was really looking forward to Trisha’s story. Trisha Ryder is an actress who is serious about working hard and advancing her career. When she is cast opposite rock star Boone Stryker, she is worried that his apparent lack of work ethic will affect her goals. Boone has always been the protector to his friends and family. He feels responsible for the people (& kittens!) he loves. When he is being pulled in too many directions his work becomes a casualty. I loved the audiobook of this sweet and swoony story and I can’t wait to listen to more! -4.5 Stars!-

Cheryl SDS

The first thing that hits me when I think about this book is the intelligence of these characters. They have smart and deep conversations. They still have their fun and wildly compatible sexual encounters but their daily communication skills are meaningful. Their relationship is give and take, 50/50 and they're both ALL in. Another thing I liked about Trish and Boone was their love of family and their sizzling connection. Great story line! I can't wait to read more of this amazing series! Received a copy via RockStarLit in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated for my review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed is my own.

Diva Princess1

Whew, can you say HOT! Boone was a son, a brother, a best friend, musician and actor..most of all he was the best boyfriend ever. He was never short of words, that he spoke passionately. He expressed himself perfectly. But most of all he was loyal to anyone he considered family. Trish was actress with five brothers and she was pushy. Just what Boone needed in his life. Boone and Trish were awesome together and this was a beautiful story. 5 stars for me.

Bruin Reviewer

Chased by Love was a great book about the most important things in your life. Love as number one! Trish, the movie actress, & Boone, the rocker turned actor, begin their relationship on very rocky ground. When Boone can't learn his lines for the movie they are making, the director sends them on a 10 day visit to West Virginia to work on getting it right. In the process of trying to do this, they fall in love, plus really learn what is the most important things in their lives. There are many influencing factors, plus all the Ryder family getting involved. Loved this book. Great read & worth the time to remember the older characters & many new ones for the future.


Trish Ryder and Boone Stryker have it all: looks, talent, accolades and fame. Acting has always been Trish’s focus, and she’s well loved by public and the industry alike. A new film that has Oscar written all over it is her chance to stretch her skills. If only her co-star would act like he cared about something other than himself. Boone Stryker has attained rock-god status as the lead singer/songwriter of the hottest band around. His PR files are full of parties, women, good times and music. On the set, after he shows up late however, he’s wooden and surly. When the director issues an ultimatum and sends the two off to the isolated house to be used as a set in the movie with the intention that Trish will run her own actor’s studio with Boone, the story takes flight. I loved the growth of the relationship between these two – their attraction sparked off the pages, and when Boone finally realized that Trish was coming through the door he placed between himself and the world. Slowly she is able to see beyond his carefully crafted PR persona, and he starts to share moments. An acting exercise to ‘make’ him feel the anger, frustration, helplessness and grief from a childhood friend’s overdose brings him to the realization that she won’t walk away, or offer ridiculous platitudes. There’s plenty to love in this story – their relationship, despite all of the potential pitfalls, never really hits a moment of tension that would have brought some of the necessary angst to the story. With a friend disappearing into his addiction, his mother ill and a younger brother who acts out and dances on the line of legal, we’re told that Boone has plenty on his plate. But shutting down and closing out seem to be his fallback position. And while Trish does push him, the expectations of conflict, that moment where I thought something BIG would happen and didn’t, left me wondering about the lost potential. Sure, the story is engaging, and both Boone’s and Trish’s family are adorable and supportive, if the Ryders are a bit invasive. While I personally believe in that kismet that mean two are meant for one another, and Boone and Trish are the poster children of soul mate, the story stayed lighter than one would expect with the issues of addiction and fame, and the need to worry about image and PR. It’s still a fun and lighter than expected story with a wonderful Cinderella-style ending that is everything a romance reader could want. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


Trish Ryder is one independent woman and Boone Stryker is causing her trouble! Rock star Boone is cast as an actor opposite Trish and he can't get it right, but is that because of his own problems or because he has feeling about Trish? When Boone's inability to act threatens the whole production Trish is tasked with taking Boone and heading to their next location, a farmhouse in Hurricane, West Virginia, by themselves. Trish helps Boone with his acting and they both help themselves to each other! Although, you may need to warn overprotective big brother Duke about that. Chased by Love shows us what happens when you allow yourself to truly be present with someone. You also get another great look and update about the full Ryder family and how much they know and understand their sister. Boone will be your next rock star crush!


This book is so good! You have to read it! Trish and Boone have instant chemistry, but they really no nothing about each other. Boone has so much going on in his life with friends and family that he doesn't have time for much else. Trish is trying to understand what makes Boone tick. Once they are forced together they are able to break down some walls and understand each other more. And once that happens their attraction can't be denied any longer. I love how this book sucked me in from the beginning. This book is just so good! I loved the other LIB characters that showed up in this book. I absolutely love the ending. It holds a special place in my heart.


Boone, a rock star turned actor and Trish, an A list actress are thrust together on a movie set. When the script is too much and hits too close to home for Boone to handle, the director sends them on location to spend 10 days together while Trish helps him get his lines down. Cue the romance. Boone is really a soft-hearted good guy behind his tough exterior. Growing up with so many brothers has made Trish strong herself. She helps Boone realize his potential while realizing that he is a really good guy who she has fallen in love with. This book is so deep. There is love and loss and strength in almost every page. You also get visits from some of your other Ryder brothers that you've grown to love. And boy, do they make their visits known. As usual, Melissa Foster has outdone herself with another incredible story that will touch your heart and leave you wanting more of the Ryders!


If you love Melissa Foster's strong alpha males you will really enjoy the story of Trish Ryder, a strong woman. Trish grew up with 5 brothers who are very protective. Some would say this is what makes her "pushy". That's how Boone Stryker describes her. That and "delicate". Hmm, how exactly does that play out? Boone is a musician turned actor with Trish as his leading lady. This is such a fun story to read with the backdrop of a movie set, a hot musician and a beautiful actress. I just loved this book. I love Melissa's characters and the Ryder family updates are great. I highly encourage you to read this 10 star book.


I officially have a new book boyfriend. Boone is so swoon worthy. I've been looking forward to this book for a while now and boy did it not disappoint. Trish is a Hollywood actress, Boone is a rock star. They meet in a movie set that is just too real for Boone. He has lived a lot of the story line already. Where Trish has had a somewhat easy life, Boone's life has been anything but easy. When Boone cannot get his lines right the director of the film sends them to West Virginia for 10 days. As Trish pushes Boone to open up they fall more and more in love. As Boone tries to take care of everyone in his life, Trish pushes to be part of it. You can't help but root for these too. You will also get some information on the other Ryder siblings and meet some new characters who will be featured in books down the line. This book is worth your time.


Claimed By Love Review Claimed By Love is such a wonderful book by an amazing author, Melissa Foster. If you haven't read her books I would highly suggest every book. I haven't read a book that I didn't enjoy reading. Gabriella & Duke are such a sweet couple. I love all the family dynamics. I loved the description of the island. I really could visualize what the characters were seeing. It's well worth the read! Another wonderful book, Melissa! Congratulations! I also want to add that the editing in ALL her books are spot on! Also, I like that each and every book is a stand-alone! Since I was roped into a "certain series", that the last book has taken well over a year and a half to release, I refuse to buy series books. If it's a series, it is going to be bought as a boxed set once each book in the series is released. Buy this book. You will not be sorry. Congratulations on a job well done, again. :)