River of Love PDF Download

River of Love PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2016-04-20


This book is about a person's ability to change in order to be worthy of someone's love and the other person's learning to trust enough to let love in.Sam's brother has warned him away from Faith, the physician's assistant that works in Cole's practice. He knows Sam is a huge player and doesn't want to see Faith hurt. Sam's attraction to Faith overcomes everything else and he wants to get to know her better. Unfortunately, Faith knows about his reputation, too.She's convinced he's a cheater.

Kirsten Ellen

MR SAM BRADEN is one heck of a man to be in Love with. And Faith knows it! She's been hurt by a man who is, in her mind, just like Sam. Flirty with woman, can't settle down with just one, and, in her eyes, would cheat in a heartbeat. But, what she doesn't realize is that Sam may be a flirt and jump from woman to woman, but he would never, EVER put a woman into the shoes he was once in and cheat on one of them. They know the story up front of what he wants. So, he sets out to prove her wrong. Faith and Sam fight the attraction toward each other until they cant anymore. In the end, can Faith and Sam fight the attraction or fight through her insecurities? BJ Harrison beautifully narrates this amazing story of Trust and faith, allowing us to feel every emotion that Sam and Faith are fighting with throughout.


What do you get when you mix a lady’s man with a woman who is weary of men in general, and those that cheat in particular. Sparks! I loved reading this book and seeing a love unfold between a man who was never willing to commit and a woman who never wanted to commit again. Despite his brother’s warning to stay away from Faith, Sam was on a mission to earn her trust. The lengths that Sam will go to in order to make Faith believe in him was very romantic. And Faith had to go against her best friend’s advice and take a leap of faith and hope that Sam would catch her!


I would have to say, Don't Always Judge, for my 3 words for this book. Don't always be so quick to judge others until you have all of the information. Sam was DEFINITELY my favorite character within the book. He really had to work hard to prove himself to Faith and show her that he is a good guy. I loved how confident he was with himself and how hard he was willing to work every time Faith tried to hold him at a distance. The two of them together were scorching. When reading a book, you are really only able to get so much out of it. You create the characters in your mind and can really only get so much out of it. B.J. Harrison helped bring the characters to life and add depth to them throughout. I loved how he brought a new side and view to things and made it even more enjoyable for readers throughout the book. If I had just read the book, I think that there are details I would have missed had I never listened to the audiobook.


One of my favorite Braden books. I love how Sam changed his ways when he found Faith. So romantic. I loved their date on the river.


Sam doesn’t cheat. He’s actually a good guy with a big, well-deserved reputation. Can he earn Faith’s trust? Can he redeem himself enough to at least get her to go out with him? Can he stop playing the player and be true to himself? Melissa Foster has written another Braden winner with the story of Sam and Faith. The character building is phenomenal, from the main characters all the way to the friends and family. Like life, the storyline is simple, yet complex. The characters seem real, and the redemption isn’t too easy. Sam and Faith – names to remember. I read this book, then I listened to the audio version. B. J. Harrison is the narrator. He is SO good. His voice flows and he brings such great nuances to each character. I really think he could make the phone book sound good! Listening to this narrator was a pleasure, and his voice made the story come alive!


Melissa Foster has really master this story above and beyond!! How can you not fall I love with Sam and Faith!!! I would love a fantasy boyfriend like Sam💕


I like Foster's book in general, but I couldn't wait for this one to end. First, the conflict ends midway through the book. There is not a lot going on after that (except a lot of sex, which in itself I don't engaging). The mini-conflict toward the end seems farfetched. Second, the writing is not great. The characters have similar and repetitive speech patterns, which suggests to me that they don't have a unique voice. "I love that (insert clause)" is a recurrent phrase, uttered by everyone. Can't there be more nuance than just plain "loving" that something happens? The story is not very original and with such lazy writing, I was truly turned off. I think this is my last Foster book. There many other romance writers who pay closer attention to the craft of writing. I shall stick to those.

Bruin Reviewer

My most favorite book of Peaceful Harbor & the Bradens! The love story of Sam & Faith was a great romantic adventure & I couldn't put the book down once I started it. Sam's finally acknowledging that he wanted to have that special person in his life, the transformation from a sexy playboy to a loving man, was magical to experience with Faith! Great writing & very entertaining book!

Diva Princess1

Sam is my new book boyfriend. Sam was not one to commit to one girl, so he dat d plenty until he meet is brothers physician assistant Faith. Faith is a girl who boyfriend cheated on her and not very trusting in men, especially not Sam the town playboy. He convinces her to one date... The rest is history,Sam is a true Braden... Love this series.


Once again a wonderful book by Melissa Foster. From the first page to the last page you were kept entertained. You just wanted to take Faith and go.. LOOK at Sam... He is Hot, caring, sexy, talented, artistic but most important.. HE ADORES YOU. I loved how Faith didn't have faith in herself or Sam but he slowly wins her over. Twists and turns at every step of the way. I started reading this in the morning and didn't put it down until I was done. With all of Melissa's books family is so important. Family comes first and once you are "with" a Braden the family embraces you. This makes her books that much better!! Can't wait for the next book in the series!!!


What can I say about Sam and Faith? Holy hot tamales. Faith works for Cole, Sam’s brother. He comes into the office frequently to be able to see her, but is too blind to realize why he does it. Faith doesn’t see herself as worthy of his attention, so she admires him from afar. Faith is involved with Women Against Cheaters group, and at first her bitter, best friend Vivian seriously got on my nerves. Having been cheated on, she was so sure that Sam would cheat on Faith, that she made Faith feel like a heel for being attracted to Sam in the first place. Sam had to fight not just the battle with Faith for a date, but he also had to battle with Vivian. I really didn’t like her at first, but she grows on you. Sam is determined to show Faith that she isn’t another conquest and spends his time trying to convince her to give into one date with him. The rooftop dinner was so beautiful and romantic, it finally breaks through her defenses. When Sam and Faith finally connect, he is so cautious with and makes her feel like his whole world. Be sure to pick up River of Love and find out the rest of Sam and Faith’s story!