Wild Boys After Dark: Heath PDF Download

Wild Boys After Dark: Heath PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Genre: Romance, New Adult
Relase Date: 2015-11-14


A hot start that cools down quickly. Good writing style.


I couldn't guess what would happen next.good read.


Love, loved loved this book!!! Another winner from a great author. Heath and Allyson had me hooked to this book and I never wanted it to end!!! This is a stand alone book but, please, read them all and all her books!!! Always well worth the read.


Oh, I just loved this book! It's a perfect mix of everything all in one! I even cried at the end. Can't wait to read the next.


OMG!!! Melissa did it again!! This second book in the Wild Boys After Dark series is SMOKIN' HOT and cold shower worthy!! I was instantly hooked from the very first page, where you have Heath and Ally steaming up the elevator, to the very last page. Greys Anatomy has their own Dr. McSteamy, well let me tell you that Melissa has her own Dr. McSteamy and his name is Dr. Heath Wild!! Heath and Ally meet at a medical conference, where she is volunteering. Heath is a sexy, good-looking, dirty talking orthopedic doctor with a motto of "get in, get off, get out." Ally is a lab technician who enjoys the occasional hook ups. Since they have both been hurt from past relationships, they decide to spend one amazing night together, with no strings attached and no exchanging personal information. But they never counted on having tbis instant connection and decide to spend another night together which leads to exchanging of phone numbers the next day. What happens when he calls her?? Does this lead to something more?? I recommend that you buy this book and find out. You definitely won't be disappointed.

Diva Princess1

Hey the wild boys series is good. Heath and Alley were hot and spicy. Good story.


These wild boys keep getting hotter and hotter. Heath tops that list. Who doesn't love a hot doctor who finally wants more than one night stands And a hard working girl who has been scared off from commitment? This book was so steamy you could almost see the steam come off the pages. It's a definite must read.


Heath, the 2nd book in the Wild Boys series, is a intensely sexual and emotional read. The author immerses the reader in the intensity of Heath and Ally's sexual relationship from the very first page. But, as the book progresses, you fall in love with Heath and Ally for who they are out of the bedroom more than in. Heath is intense, but he is also very considerate and respectful, and he is a great communicator. Heath really listens to Ally when she talks and he really seeks to understand her and not to pressure her. Ally is a bit of a hot mess because she can't figure out what she wants for herself in this situation, but Heath is incredibly patient and waits for her to decide what she wants. The authors descriptions of the settings in this book were well done - for some reason, they have really stuck with me after reading the book. I feel like I can see Heath's condo in my mind, as well as Ally's apartment. The visual images she created left an impression on me. And, in true Melissa Foster fashion, she gave us a check in with the previous "Wild Boy", Logan, and teased us with the other brothers who haven't found their happily-ever-after yet. And, she even teased us with future possibilities of relationships for other characters. All great ways to draw in a reader and keep them coming back again.