Wild Boys After Dark: Jackson PDF Download

Wild Boys After Dark: Jackson PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Genre: Romance, Contemporary
Relase Date: 2015-11-24


This is the second book I've read from the Wild Boys After Dark series and I am not disappointed.


Who wouldn't want to fall for a Wild Boy😘💕. Another great summer read. This is another cold shower book. Absolutely 💕 Jackson!!! 💕 it and can't wait to read the rest.


I almost feel like I could repeat myself over and over when reviewing a book by Melissa Foster, but she hit it out of the park with Jackson's book. I felt the connection between Jackson and Laney from the very beginning - perhaps because their relationship had been developing for so long. But as much as their relationship is about "benefits" as much as it is "friends", their connection is deep. I don't think either of them realized the depth of their connection at the beginning of this book, but their transformation throughout the story was enjoyable to watch. Each has realizations about their relationship with the other, and it rocks what they thought was a solid foundation. There were times that I wanted to smack each of them upside the head and tell them to "catch on" to not only the other's feelings, but their own. The author includes a lot of poignant points in these characters' story - the tattoos that are truly ingenious, the incorporation of the cover photo into their relationship - these are little unique aspects of the story that make the book memorable, and are a hallmark of a Melissa Foster book.

Helene Taibleson

Every time I pick up one of Melissa's books on know that I will be taken on a journey that. Old we'll be the story of someone I know. Willing to give up someone you love is a sign of true love. However, when Jackson tried to do that he realized how much he loved Laney. Sometimes giving up someone you love you lots be makes you realize how much You love them. Thank you once again Melissa for an amazing story.