Claimed by Love PDF Download

Claimed by Love PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2016-03-23


OMG! Hot steamy sexy men. They sure do get my hopes up that all men could be such caring lovers. The women that love them are so lucky. The next Ryder to find love and the only female in the Ryder sibling’s is Trish. This is the next book up and I can hope that she finds her HEA.


Gabriella, a New York City attorney, grew up on the island of Elpitha, a small island off the coast of South Carolina. The island is a combination of her Greek heritage as well as her mother's southern upbringing. Due to her love of the island, her grandfather summons Gabriella to the island to be a tour guide to a real estate investor who plans to buy the island and turn it into an exclusive tourism destination. What she is not prepared for is Duke Ryder. Duke Ryder, the real estate investor interest in Elpitha Island is not the typical "suit" Gabriella is expecting. Even though she is against her grandfather selling the island, she takes Duke on a tour of the island. What she is not ready for is the passion that builds between her and Duke. As Gabriella starts to share her favorite places on the island, Duke's plans about the island have changed and promises to take Gabriella's concerns seriously. Gabriella has to decide if she truly believes Duke will keep his promise and open her heart fully to him. I loved Duke & Gabriella's story. The narrator was just ok.


Claimed by Love by Melissa Foster was a great read. I loved reading Duke and Gabriella’s story. Gabriella is an attorney who wants to see her favorite place, Elpitha Island, ruined by financial issues. Duke is a real estate investor looking to purchase a resort on Elpitha Island. I can’t wait to read more by Melissa Foster, this is a great series.


I’ve just finished listening to Claimed By Love by Melissa Foster. It is the first book of hers that I’ve read even though I’ve had lots of her books on my TBR forever! I think I looked at the covers and thought they would be cute and sweet romance... Well, it was cute and sweet, but also emotional and HOT! Great listen! 4.5 Stars!


I always enjoy reading Melissa Foster's books. However, Duke's excessive use of the word 'baby' when talking to Grabiella was a bit too much for me. Also, some of his lines were a little over the top. Looking forward to Jake and Addy's story though!

Diva Princess1

Duke and Gabriella. I was introduced to Duke in previous series. He is honest, handsome, and was an real estate investor. Gabriella was a family law & divorce lawyer, but grew up on Elpitha island, that was in financial ruin. Duke and Pierce set out to invest in island which was the beginning of their love affair. This series was so awesome, I wanted to read it forever. As usual Melissa Foster you are my idol. OMG, I can't wait to see if Jake and Addy hook seems I may to wait a while.


Another great read by Melissa Foster! The book is set on Elpitha Island, a small island owned and inhabited by an extended family of Greeks. Gabriella's grandfather has asked her to come home and meet with the investor looking at purchasing the island to build a resort. Gabriella is a family law attorney in New York City. She has always felt that her family pushed her off the island when that was really where she wanted to be. Duke Ryder is the investor that Gabriella meets at the ferry. Even though she thinks he isn't what the island needs, there is instant attraction. Gabriella is determined to ignore it since she feels its a conflict of interest due to the sale. Duke isn't about to let her go. Sit back and enjoy the ride! Melissa takes us on a journey with both main characters. Gabriella has to stop looking at the island from the eyes of a child seeing perfection to realize the island & it's culture are dying. There are no prospects for the younger generation unless they move off island. The tourist trade is high but there is nothing to sustain them for the rest of the year. Duke has to realize that there is more to life than business and short term affairs. He needs to realize that he is looking for love. Can Duke negotiate the purchase of the island without alienating Gabriella? Can she reconcile Duke's vision and her love of the island life? I love the plot line in this book and the added element of the Greek culture. There is such a huge feeling of family & looking out for each other. Melissa's writing does this perfect justice. You are drawn into the story from the first due to the chemistry between the characters & then the give & take between them keeps you involved. The characters are well developed & realistic. The only problem is that the story keeps you enthralled & reading so intently that the next thing you know, the book is finished! And you have a long wait for the next one!!


I have clear favorites in the Love in Bloom series. Treat was my first but I have to say Duke is right up there. I love these men who value thier family ties. Claimed by Love is one of those books where the love of family is a big part of the story. Duke Ryder is business partners with Pierce Braden. Duke has traveled to Elpitha island to see an investment property they wish to develop in a prime vacation destination. The property is owned by the Liakos family from Greece who settled in the small South Carolina island centuries ago. This created a unique combination of Mediterranean and Southern that only adds to the charm that is Elpitha and its residents. He meets Gabriella Liakos, NYC attorney and the granddaughter of the elder patriarch. To say that Duke was enthralled by the feisty Gabriella is the understatement of the year. After nearly smacking right into him while having a heated discussion with her father, Gabriella was determined to make Duke rethink about purchasing the property that has been a part of her heritage. How can these two play nice when they have opposite views of what is best for Elpitha? Add some matchmaking relatives plus the undeniable chemistry between these two and you have a deliciously enjoyable read. One of my favorite things is how important the love of family plays a part of them falling for each other. Sigh. Pick up your copy of this wonderful story today! Y'iamas. Ohpa!


Gabriella grew up on a beautiful island off the coast of the Carolinas. Duke is a developer who is coming to the island to rebuild and bring in revenue. Gabriella doesn't want to see her beloved island become a Vegas type destination. When she's giving Duke a tour of the island, he falls in love with the simplicity of life there...and with Gabriella. He promises her that he will do everything he can to keep the island the way she loves it. But can she believe that he can do that and not lose his vision for the island as well? Duke is a strong, sensitive fascinating man. He really tugged at my heart strings as do all Ryders! This is a fantastic addition to the series and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Rad Amy 132

Once again Melissa writes a beautiful love story. This one is with Duke Ruder,a real estate investor, and Gabriella, an attorney. Duke arrives on Elpitha Island, an island that he and his partner are thinking of investing in to try to save. It turns out that Gabriella is the granddaughter of the man who owns the island. Gabriella is from a Greek/Southern family who are very passionate people. She does not want city men coming in and destroying the island that she loves with her whole being. After spending the day with Gabriella, Duke starts to see the island through her eyes. Let's not forget about the Sparks! There are so many sparks between the two of them that you could light the island! Duke has never felt this way about a woman before and Gabriella ha a few trust issues as well. Gabriella does not want the island to change, but Duke knows something needs to change just to save the Island. Can he help Gabriella's family while saving the island? Does Gabriella trust him enough to try? The way she told this story was incredible. From the family interactions ( think my Big Fat Greek Wedding) to the love story between Duke and Gabriella, you will not be disappointed.


I love this whole series of books. I was introduced to Duke Ryder in previous books but we only got to know the business side of him and his love of family. Wow, Duke Ryder was so much more than I expected and I loved every bit of his character. He is working a deal to purchase a small island off of South Carolina. Gabriella is both an attorney and the granddaughter of the islands owner and is tasked with showing Duke around. While she knows in her head they need investors on the island, her heart does not want to see things change. Gabriella fights her attraction to Duke as her feelings for the island and the business deal are filled with conflict. But Duke is persistent and is truly falling for her so promises he won't hurt her or the island. There is also conflict between Duke and his partners, Pierce and Emily Braden. This book kept me wondering what would happen next. Would Gabriella be able to get beyond her feelings for the island? You will have to read this wonderful book to see what Duke is capable of. Kudos to Melissa Foster and her captivating writing style.