Seaside Nights PDF Download

Seaside Nights PDF Download

By: Melissa Foster
Genre: Contemporary, Romance
Relase Date: 2015-08-12


Sky is a dreamer, a free spirit who follows her heart and waits for the universe to show her what's next. Having recently purchased the tattoo shop where she works, she seems to have everything in line except for a love life. But with all her friends paired up with the loves of her life, she's hoping the universe will next bring her that missing piece. Sawyer has taken on the burden of his father's future, and the last thing he needs is a distraction. But the minute he sees Sky, he's in over his head, and the attraction between them is instant and mutual. His own future is uncertain, though, despite his determination to win his next match and secure the money needed to ensure his parents aren't left struggling when his father's condition continues to deteriorate. But a boxer and a gentle dreamer hardly seem like a match, and he can hardly promise her his heart when his next fight might take his life. The Verdict: I should know better than to be surprised by Melissa Foster's books. After all, it's pretty much a guarantee that I'm going to love every one of them. But once again, her intriguing characters defy romance novel standards and pack more depth and complexity than I can do justice to in a review. Sky is not your typical artsy, flighty, rootless wanderer. Sure, she's into poetry and tattoos and letting the universe determine her path, but she's also incredibly loyal to friends and family, and it seems she knows exactly who she is, even if she's not sure yet what life will bring next. Sawyer's seemingly effortless lyrics at open mic night, and the emotion he packs behind them, speak to her through her initial assumption that he's just another egotistical man. While Sawyer may throw punches for a living, he's also got a more genuine, softer side that somehow fits him perfectly. I'm sure that in any other book, a hot fighter reciting poetry would be just this side of ridiculous, but Melissa Foster manages to blend those conflicting characteristics into the ideal man. He's not entirely without problems, though, as his father, once a tough soldier, is suffering a progressing neurological disorder, and Sawyer is determined to do whatever it takes to make sure he's taken care of for however long he has left. But it's that love and loyalty that puts everything on the line. A successful boxer who's stayed close to home to look out for his parents, Sawyer knows that he's just a punch or two away from suffering the same fate that afflicts his father. But if he doesn't take on this next title match, he's not sure how to afford the inevitable nursing care his father will require, and he can't allow his mother to bear that responsibility alone. But his career is also an issue for Sky, a woman who can't even bring herself to step on a bug, much less comprehend how the respectful, gentle (but still incredibly hot) man she knows can give and take a beating for a living. The relationship between Sky and Sawyer builds fast, and their chemistry together is not something either of them is able to resist. In truth, they're a lot a like inside, and they see that compatibility almost immediately upon spending time together. But while it may sound too quick on paper, the very real feelings between them made it feel more natural than breathing. Without giving away the end, I'll say that their journey together is not at all what I expected and absolutely everything I love about romance. There's friendship and lust, something bigger than love, and throwing caution to the wind despite the differences they have on the surface. I soaked up every page of their thoughts and feelings, eagerly turning the pages for just a little more right up to the end. It's no secret that I love Melissa Foster's stories, her unique characters, and her ability to turn what should be just another romance into something I just can't put down, but I think this one's going straight to my all-time favorites list. ***FicCentral received this book from Tasty Book Tours for free in exchange for an honest review.

Diva Princess1

Wow I love this series. Ok I thought Tony and Amy were emotional. Sawyer and Sky were a little bit of hard, with a little bit of soft. You will have to read to understand what I mean. They were just adorable, plus the introduction for the new characters to come for future series. Sawyer was a boxer and Sky was a tattoo artist. But they had so much more in common through their other artsy talents. Wow I just enjoyed this book. Don't want to spoil, just just enjoy the book.


Melissa has done it again. This story made me laugh out loud and tugged at my heartstrings. Sky and Sawyer seems to be made for each other. They both struggle with family challenges as their relationship develops. Love catching up with all of the Seaside residents throughout the story. Enjoy this great read.